I'll stop wearing black, when they invent a darker colour

Today I was busy unpacking and repacking my closet and was surprised by all the dull and depressing colours in there. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all. If I see something I like, I will find it in black or white and if I have to, maybe grey, and then buy two. I have never been someone who wears bright colours. Or dresses for that matter. At least not until I was able to dress myself and was allowed to choose my own clothes. A great victory for 4 year old me.

But that is just my point. I wonder when we got scared of colour. When you ask kids what’s their favourite colour they will, without thinking, shout out Red or Blue or Rainbow, because some kids just want to have it all. They also haven’t heard of how black makes you look skinnier and that red is not for everyone.

I for one am the biggest culprit here. But the other day I decided to treat myself to a jersey and my biggest fear was realized. My size was not in black. Or white. Or even second best, dark navy. So I opted for the bright-kindergarden-happy-in-your-face yellow jersey. And you know what? It actually makes me really happy when I wear it. And bonus, I can spot it easily in the black hole that is my closet. I won’t go and change my style now or anything, but I will admit that a little bit of screaming yellow in your life is not such a bad idea. Every 20 years or so.

I found this very interesting article about 5 people that only wear ONE colour every day of their lives - and it is not black. It is worth a read, some interesting reasons for their choices.