Skill Swap

A while ago a few of us sat in a garden on a Saturday afternoon talking about life, the ridiculous price some people ask for a glass of wine and ideas in general. I told my friends about this idea I had, which is not at all revolutionary, but I thought it was still cool to try.

Basically what I wanted to try is to barter with my design skills. I would offer my design expertise for small projects or passion projects, and in return be paid in "skills" or "talents". So basically, I could design a logo for a bee company, and in return that person could give me honey, or show me how to make honey. Make sense? Cool.

So my crazy talented friend Gawie Joubert asked me to design a logo for him, and in return I got my own Gawie Joubert Artwork, which I am over the moon about.
Be sure to check his work out here.

He wanted something very simple and structured, but that still shows his personality. I decided to play around with the idea of ink blotches bleeding into the paper, as his medium of choice is ink.

And now for the amazing artwork. Thank you Gawie! I absolutely love it. And so does my little home.

He currently has an exhibition running at David Krut Projects, The Benediction of Shade 2 - Joburg: City of Trees. It is running from 1 November 2014 - 31 January 2015. Go and check it out.