My motto for the year. I believe you can choose to be happy, motivated, positive, offended, etc. And I am choosing the good vibes. Now I know it is not that easy, and life can sometimes be a real jerk, but I think I have a solution. After watching the TEDtalk by Matt Cutts, Trying something new for 30 days, I got a little plan. We sometimes forget what we have, or the people we have in our lives. I know I sometimes need a reminder.

The Plan: A 30 Day iPhone Photo challenge. This will help me to actually stop and notice the little things and the good vibes in my life.

You are welcome to follow me on Instagram to see how this all pans out. You can even join if you feel like you need to be reminded of the good vibes in your life. I also created a little iPhone background to remind me everyday. You can download it here if you also feel like a little reminder.

iPhone background